Branded Transit Telematics

Mixed Fleet Monitoring

Manage your fleet more responsively with LHP Telematics’ customized transit telematics solutions. We design your interface to match your brand, and create custom reports based on the size and requirements of your industry, location, and fleet size requirements.

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Track equipment use and spot trends in one asset or comparing across your fleet. Use your data to replace parts as needed—rather than relying on costly guesswork.


Flag issues as they emerge and arrange maintenance quickly. Monitor data from multiple components including transmissions, engines, doors, voltage, and more.


Track performance over time to maximize productivity and profitability. Customizable reports can include third-party data and predictive algorithms.

Custom Telematics for your Application.

Learn more about LHP Telematics, or get a free demo to see our solutions in action. Our flexible, custom telematics systems serve equipment manufacturers, dealers, and transit customers of all sizes.