Advanced Analytics for Telematics Data

LHP Telematics solutions deliver big data analysis so you can use your information to improve equipment performance and efficiency. Our telematics data analytics combine machine learning, real-time modeling, and pattern recognition algorithms to help you isolate data down to particular components, or zoom out to see wider trends over time.

Overlay data, compare assets, and create customized reports that put your information to work.

See LHP’s telematics data analytics in action with a free demo and learn how big data analysis can improve your business.

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Manage maintenance and service schedules better with analysis of how your equipment performs over time—for individual assets as well as across your fleet.


Spot trends and problems as they emerge, rather than waiting for costly breakdowns. Keep your equipment working in peak condition with proactive service.


Analyze performance and peak usage to create more efficiency and minimize downtime based on real conditions and data.

Custom Telematics for your Application.

Learn more about LHP Telematics, or get a free demo to see our solutions in action. Our flexible, custom telematics systems serve equipment manufacturers, dealers, and transit customers of all sizes.