Big Data

Big Data Services

LHP Telematics is partnered with Hortonworks, the leading contributor and provider of ApacheTM Hadoop® to provide predictive analytics and big data services for telematics customers. 

LHP Telematics customers will be able to deploy Hortonworks Data Platform (HDPTM) or Microsoft HDInsight on Azure to be fully integrated with the Equipment Intelligence platform. OEMs and aftermarket customers will be able to take full advantage of a broad variety of big data services, as LHP Telematics will not lock down the Hadoop clusters. Customers will have the ability to use any tools they want in their HDP environment, along with built-in services like Tableau Server. 

In addition to the standard analytics toolset, machine learning, real-time modeling analysis (using Apache Storm), and faults and maintenance predictions will also be available. These additional services allow OEM and aftermarket customers to be at the forefront of the Big Data revolution in the telematics industry. OEM and aftermarket customers will be able to use the large amounts of data generated by their telematics systems to build new and innovative ways to utilize the data and support their businesses.

LHPT also offers pattern recognition algorithms that check against telematics data and data from other customer sources. It is focused on finding patterns of usage and faults followed by maintenance events or warranty claims. The following data points are used as filterable criteria in the algorithm:
  • Telematics data from equipment
  • Fault events from equipment
  • Model, software, and configuration data from equipment
  • Maintenance history data from any source
  • Warranty history data from any source
The ability to find patterns of usage and faults that lead to warranty claims allows OEMs, industrial, and construction customers to focus on high-value issues that can be easily resolved by changing usage or maintenance schedules.