Transform the customer experience

Stay connected with a telematics platform purpose-built for construction/ag OEMs and dealers.

From automobile ownership to personal finance to back up generator sets, connected experiences are part of our daily routines. Consumers expect user-friendly digital experiences they can customize to make life—and decision-making—easier.

Your off-road equipment customers are no different.

How digital
transformation impacts
OEM and dealer markets

Whether you’re manufacturing equipment, selling and servicing it, or renting it out, you need a flexible platform to support the way your customers experience your product.

What your customers want

  • Personalized information views
  • Notifications when exceptions occur
  • Service guidance
  • Useful data at a glance
  • A streamlined, easy-to-use interface

What your team needs

  • A customized, brandable platform
  • Customer-specific views of machine information
  • Total control of end-user experience
  • Factory-installed platform with automated activation
  • Integrated case-level technical support

So, what do you do? Re-engineer a generic IoT platform? Accept the limited control of a technology intended for the rental business?

Instead, consider differentiating your company with a telematics platform purpose built for construction and ag OEMs and dealers.

Generic technology

  • Limited access to CAN data
  • Reliance on cloud calculations versus on-board intelligence
  • Loss of data when transitioning ownership of assets
  • Complexities with device management after deployment

Purpose-built telematics

  • Access to the entire data library
  • Configurable embedded applications with ample processing power
  • Accessible data stored in the cloud throughout product life
  • Flexible design anticipates changing machine information requirements

LHP empowers equipment manufacturers and dealers to deliver enhanced performance through a proven technology platform designed specifically for your industry. And we make it easy to integrate, customize, and adopt.

See LHP’s customizable platform in action.

In Just Five Minutes, You'll See:

  • How technology is transforming equipment manufacturing
  • How configurable information views can set OEM, dealer, and fleet users apart
  • How you can take action today to add more value to your products

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