LHP Telematics’ solution for Metro and Transit Authorities is focused on proactive maintenance and helping increase the mean time between failures for bus and transit equipment components. Bus maintenance began as inspections and fixing components when they broke down. It has since moved into replacing parts after a set number of miles, regardless of if the part actually needed to be replaced. This is not an optimal system due to lack of data – what could affect a certain part so that it needs to be replaced?

Telematics solves the lack of data problem. Telematics can give you raw CAN data, processed data, and faults straight from the buses themselves. Use telematics to gather data over time for the components on the buses you need to monitor. The larger your pool of assets and the longer you collect your data, the more accurately predictions about component breakdown can be made.

On the bus itself, LHP Telematics is connecting to 3 CAN buses, reading over 300 data points from all bus systems, and parsing public and proprietary CAN data. We are also calculating timers and counters for events and states, and reading all faults from the bus. LHP Telematics can pull data from the following bus components.
* Allison Transmission
* Cummins Engine
* Vanner
* E-Stroke
* Thermoking
* Transtech Innovations (Voltage Regulator)
* Vapor (Door Controller)
* IO Controls

In our Equipment Intelligence web portal, we are reporting, alerting, and reviewing faults and productivity and aggregating data values daily, weekly, and monthly. Scheduled reporting can also be set up for daily values, weekly totals, and monthly totals.

We are sending all telematics data into Hadoop (and we can include third party data, such as maintenance and warranty data into Hadoop), and setting up dashboards in Tableau for general fleet reporting. Using Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning algorithms, we can begin to predict when maintenance will be needed to help you increase the mean time between failures on your buses and other transit assets. 


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