Hardware Partners

LHP Telematics has carefully selected hardware partners that deal with OEM customers on a regular basis. Understanding the current hardware offerings and their strengths and weaknesses are  invaluable to the LHP Telematics customer base. We constantly monitor the market for new and innovative telematics hardware vendors and units. If new hardware is released that would prove a value add to the LHP Telematics customer base, our engineering staff quickly adds support for the unit into our systems.

The LHP Telematics hardware partner network keeps our staff up-to-date on future hardware plans.

John Deere Electronic Solutions (JDES) makes reliable and rugged electronics that meet intense quality requirements. The JDES Modular Gateway product is a WinCE-based box that lives up to the company's reputation. After working with this product, LHP Telematics engineers have found it to be a reliable workhorse that can handle the most demanding CAN based telematics applications.

JDES Modular Gateway

LHP Telematics has ported all the features and functionality of the LHPT Embedded Application to the Modular Gateway

Key features:

    • 400MHz app processor and CAN co-processor
    • One Gig flash, 256 MB RAM
    • Supports up to 4 CAN bus connections
    • WinCE OS


Maixmatecc specializes in display computers, controllers, communications devices, and gauges and sensors. They primarily support industrial machinery original equipment manufacturers.

Maximatecc CCpilot-XA
The Maximatecc CCpilot XA is a 7" multifunctional display with an IP65-rated aluminum housing. The CCpilot XA can be used as an informational display, machine control HMI, video monitor, and much more.


Key Features:    

  • IP65-rated
  • Linux Operating System
  • CAN-enabled
  • Multifunctional



Calamp specializes in a full line of high-volume, high-reliability wireless solutions since 1983.

CalAmp TTU-720
The TTU-720 is a battery-operated, non-rechargeable trailer tracking unit designed for multi-year deployments. It is a high-value tracking unit featuring a small size, superior GPS performance, and a 7-year internal 57 Ah battery. The unit incorporates next-generation, super-sensitive GPS technology on GPRS and HSPA cellular networks for installation in any mobile asset. Messages are transmitted across the GSM/GPRS cellular network. 

Key features for location of Non Powered Equipment:
  • IP67 TCU with internal battery
  • Internal GPS and cellular antenna
  • Built-in Motion Sense
CalAmp LMU-3000


The CalAmp LMU-3000 is a fully-featured telematics control unit that plugs into the OBD port of light trucks and passenger cars for power.  It features superior GPS and cellular quality, built-in cellular and GPS antenna, built-in accelerometer for driver behavior monitoring and impact detection. Messages are transported across the cellular network. 

Key Features:    
  • Location, Geofences
  • Driver Behavior, including Hard Braking and Hard Acceleration
  • Check Engine Light Trouble Codes
  • Odometer, Vehicle Speed, and RPM
  • Coolant Temperature and Seatbelt Usage
CalAmp TTU-2830
The CalAmp TTU-2830 is designed for reliable, multi-year deployments monitoring heavy equipment. It is an IP66-rated telematics control unit with an internal back-up battery. It features superior cellular and GPS, built-in cellular and GPS antennas, a built-in three-axis accelerometer for motion sense, and transmits messages using the cellular network. Its internal antennas make it mountable virtually anywhere in the vehicle.

Key Features: 
  • Integrated antenna
  • Tracks hours based on timing Ignition On
  • Odometer calculated using GPS
  • Movement Start/Stop
CalAmp LMU-4520

The CalAmp LMU-4520 is an IP67-rated weatherproof dual-mode telematics device for monitoring heavy equipment. It is CAN-enabled and reports standard J1939/CAN data.
It is fully certified for use by the FCC, PTCRB, CE, and IC.

Key Features: 

  • IP67-rated
  • External GPS and Cellular antennas
  • GPS and Cellular Status LEDs
  • Low power sleep modes
  • Backup battery

STW is a well-known German company that makes rugged and reliable controller systems for the heavy equipment market. The STW ESX-TC3 telematics hardware is a unique and powerful device that has an option for internal antennas.


LHP Telematics has ported all the features and functionality of the LHPT Embedded Application to the ESX-TC3.

 Key features:

  • 400MHz processor
  • Embedded Linux OS
  • 512 MB Flash, 128 MB RAM
  • Supports 2 CAN Bus connections
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options

MOREY electronics devices and designs have powered applications in the Trucking, Agriculture & Construction, Defense & Aerospace, and Wireless industries. 

Morey MC-3
The Morey MC-3 is a rugged IP67 telematics control unit designed for telematics applications in vehicles and powered assets with 12V – 24V systems. It features an internal GPS and cellular antenna, 3 status LEDs, motion and ignition detection. The MC3 also reports the following standard CAN/J1939/J1708 data:

Key features:

  • IP67 TCU
  • Internal GPS/Cellular Antenna
  • 6-Pin & 9-Pin Wiring Harnesses
  • Location

  Reports standard CAN/J1939/J1708 data from the engine control module that includes the following:


Engine RPM
Vehicle Speed
Coolant Temperature
Engine Coolant Level
Engine Coolant Pressure
Engine Oil Temperature
Engine Oil Level
Engine Oil Pressure
Engine Fuel Consumption Rate
Instantaneous Fuel Economy
Average Fuel Economy
Engine Crankcase Pressure
Total Average Fuel Economy
Total Fuel Used
Total Engine Idle Hours
Total Engine Idle Fuel Used
Total Engine Hours of Operation
Fuel Level
Total Vehicle Distance Traveled
Net Battery Current
Alternator Current
Transmission Selected Gear
Transmission Current Gear
Actual Engine High Resolution Percent Torque

Xirgo provides a compact Plug-N-Play OBD Plug with integrated GSM modem, GPS, and antenna for light trucks and cars