Custom OEM Telematics

OEM-Focused Telematics

LHP Telematics is focused on providing heavy equipment OEMs with a custom telematics solution that best fits their needs. 

Portal Account Structure

In the Equipment Intelligence web portal, the accounts are structured in a hierarchy, with OEMs at the top, followed by Distributors, followed by End Customers. Assets can also be sold down to customers, transferred from one dealer to another, and returned back up the account chain.

Branded Portal

Your customers don't have to know that LHP Telematics even exists. The entire system is customizable and can be branded from end-to-end so that it will match your corporate marketing needs. 

Telematics Asset Registration Tool

The Telematics Asset Registration Tool (TART) is used by OEMs in the factory to quickly and easily pair assets and telematics devices as they come off the factory line. 

Embedded Application

The LHP Telematics Embedded Application is considered the most configurable application on the market, which provides OEMs the full J1939 CAN data specification, as well as any proprietary CAN data that is unique to their equipment models. 

Rugged Hardware

LHP Telematics knows and understands the rugged hardware requirements of heavy equipment OEMs. We offer hardware that is not only sealed but has gone through thousands of hours of testing by some of the most quality-conscious companies in the world so that the units can withstand even the toughest of job sites. 

Global Certification Requirements

LHP Telematics knows what countries can be shipped to and offered service in and what countries have additional requirements. Our cellular plans and hardware are available in over 150 countries around the world so that no matter where your equipment goes, your customers can count on still being able to receive their data. 

Business System Integration

The LHP Telematics platform is a full web service enabled system. Our APIs are designed to allow an OEM to synchronize data and assets across business systems so no manual data entry is required. 

Big Data

LHP Telematics is at the forefront of big data. OEM systems can generate enormous amounts of data that needs to be analyzed and turned into actionable events. We are working with the leaders in the analytics and big data industries to be able to offer these services as part of our platform. 

Data Privacy and Agreements

The LHP Telematics platform has an End User Licensing Agreement system built in that allows an OEM's legal department to fully control all agreements with dealers and end customers. The system also has a multitude of controls for data privacy that allow an end user to hide data from specific entities.